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Introducing FINU, the world's first Brandcoin. The new way to build and be part of a brand. This new token type is used to build a company that generates revenue by selling products and services in the real world and web3. It creates a unique opportunity for token holders who want to support our brand while potentially earning rewards from their holdings and exclusive access to events and product discounts. FINU is the future of business and crypto. The brand is based on racing, motorsport and automotive.
FINU's Tokenomics have been developed to deliver the best possible benefits like transparency, security and attraction, for the holder.
The Team and Advisors behind FINU have years of experience in real life businesses, blockchain and crypto technology and many more sectors. You can research their reputations with the provided resources.
FINU is building several Revenue Streams to achieve multiple financial and non-financial benefits for our holders. The most important financial advantage are the passive stablecoin Rewards, which our holders receive by simply holding FINU in their wallets.
Our Roadmap is constantly being developed and updated in order to achieve the best possible result for our holders and the project.
Do your research and join our Community to be part of the realization of the world's first Brandcoin. If you have any questions, please contact us directly via the contact form.
Last modified 4mo ago