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Many points from the original roadmap have been successfully accomplished. You can find these points on our website under the news section, which is constantly updated.
The main part of the roadmap is to continuously explore and add profitable revenue streams to further develop and market the project as well as reward our holders.
Examples of future Revenue Streams
FINU NFT Collection
The FINU NFT collection will be a mix of art and utility. The main artist of the collection is Darrin Fletcher, you can find his reputations here. The utility of the collection is multifaceted and will cover financial as well as non-financial benefits. You can play the characters in the FINU game and see them in the upcoming animated series. More information will be published with the upcoming release of the NFTs.
The upcoming game will be playable on almost all devices and goes in the direction of old racing game classics mixed with new technology and cool art. You can play the NFT characters, level up your racers and have fun while playing against players around the world. More infos will be revealed.
FINU Animated Series
FINU creates a story based on the NFT characters and produces animated series with them. The series/movies is based on a cartoon drawn story and is also produced in cooperation with Darrin Fletcher. More infos will be revealed.